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What Is Mentalism 101?

A short but powerful introduction to the mentalism skills I’ve used day-in and day-out for more than 20 years.

These few simple principles are at the heart of almost everything I do in my professional mentalism show, and now you can use them in your everyday life. These are principles that convince your friends & colleagues that you know exactly what they’re thinking and what they’re going to do before they do it.

Useful in negotiations, presentations, annual reviews, and beyond.

What You’ll Get From Mentalism 101

  • Three of the most powerful principles that I’ve used for over 20+ years in professional & social performances. You’ll be ready to try them out the same day
  • The scripts so you know exactly what to say
  • You’ll get detailed notes onĀ why you do what you do
  • Clear explanation how the principles apply in business
  • Examples of the principles in everyday use
  • Decades of performance insight to get you moving
  • Insight on human behavior you won’t get anywhere else


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Keynote speaker on the psychology of effective negotiation, sales, presentations, and influence with integrity. Author of multiple books centered around improving your life by leveraging motivational psychology. Based in Chicago while not delivering training around the world. Dedicated to martial arts, good design, and lifting weights.