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In the internet age there’s one resource that’s more valuable than all the rest: Audiences. Whether you want to do dropshipping, physical stores, or sell services you have to have people to sell to: your audience!

Magicians like Houdini, and other entertainers through history, have understood the power of having loyal fans who are willing to support their work. Now with the internet we have people being famous for no discernable reason making untold millions of dollars because they have one valuable skill: they know how to build an audience.

The principles they use are timeless, however, and they’re more applicable now than ever with global reach available to anyone with a cell phone & internet connection.

This course is a clear outline of how to develop meaningful relationships with the three tiers of familiarity (outlined in the course), strategies for leveraging other people’s audiences, and how to build intense loyalty between you and your tight knit community of fans.

There are plenty of case study examples from my personal work with internationally recognizable stars that I’ve helped create.


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