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“I highly recommend Jonathan’s course “The universal key to meditation” I wish I had a chance to get such clear insights on meditation long time ago.” ~Serhiy

What This Is

An intellectual framework for beginners who are interested in understanding what meditation is, and for experienced meditators who would like to reevaluate their current path. This is a cerebral take on the essential framework of any effective meditation path.

What This Isn’t

This is not a guided meditation, or instructions on the ‘what to do’ particulars of any tradition. If you’re looking for “sit this way, count 5 breaths, then release” instructions, this is not for you.

More About It:

Discover the secrets that will unlock the incredible benefits of meditation.

It has been a powerful tool for thousands of years, but it remains shrouded in unnecessary mysticism, religiosity, tradition, and magical thinking which keep it inaccessible to normal people who would benefit the most.

Within 30 minutes you will gain greater clarity about what meditation is, how it works, and how it can help you regardless of what lineage you practice.

Without these essential ingredients, you will wind up losing months and years without progress. These concepts are based on a lifetime’s study & personal practice.

You don’t have to wait.



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